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Nike Golf: No Cup is Safe

Nike golf is back at it again with their latest ad “No Cup is Safe.” The humorous ad features legend Tiger Woods taking on golf’s newest emerging star Rory Mcilory. The two try to one up each other by showing which of them can be most accurate. Tiger gets the best of Mcilory in the end by secretly hitting a golf ball into his opponents drinking glass.  The Commercial is reminiscent of the 1993 Macdonald’s commercial “The Showdown” which featured Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.


“No Cup is Safe” is a great way for Nike to introduce its newest athlete Mcilory, into the spotlight. Mcilory is put up against Tiger, who has been face of the Nike Golf brand for the past 15 years. The ad reveals that the brand is transitioning into a new era. Mcilory will be the new face of Nike Golf someday, but until then Tiger still remains king.


W+K has put together a fun, lighthearted ad featuring two of Golf’s biggest stars.  One can’t help but smile while watching this commercial. This is a fantastic piece of work by the folks at W+K.

The Motherhood

The folks from Fiat have put together a fantastic piece of work showcasing the glamorous life that comes with being a mother. The hilarious  three minute long music video features a mother rapping about her daily activities, her life as mother and all the perks that comes along with it.

Cleaver, Witty and creative this was a great piece of work put together with by the Fiat team. The video is able to connect with it’s audience, recognizing and speaking about the challenges that all first time mothers face. This is a great all around effort from both the creative team and the Planners.

Please Enjoy the video above.